Adult Classes

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Term Dates:

Term 1: Commences 12/FEB/2017

Term 2: Commences 09/APR/2017 (No classes Sunday April 16th)

Term 3: Commences 04/JUN/2017

Term 4: Commences 30/JUL/2017  

Term 5: Commences 24/SEP/2017

Term 6: Commences 19/NOV/2017 (half term)

Note: All adult terms at Kinetica are 8 weeks duration. There are no breaks between terms unless otherwise specified. 

Current Term Timetable:

Kinetica Adult Class Timetable - Term 5 - 2017 [Classes Commence: 24/SEP/2017]

2017 Term 4 Adults

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If you encounter any issues with booking online, please email us and we'll assist ASAP.

Kinetica Adult Circus Class Descriptions

Class Name Description Cost Per Term

Flexibility Baiscs

Are you looking to improve your flexibility and movement? Whether it be for general wellbeing, or for aerial, pole and dance activities, this course gives you a foundation in flexibility training and how to work towards flexibility goals such as splits and bridges with a progressive program of stretching and strengthening exercises that are safe and effective.



Flex and Contortion

Feel like you’ve hit a wall with your flexibility? Want to achieve some contortion skills such as needle scales and chest stands? This course helps you identify the areas holding you back, and gives you strategies to improve them. You will also progressively learn some basic contortion skills, as well as conditioning drills and strategies to help you to safely get closer to your contortion aims. Please note - you need to be comfortable practising splits stretches and bridges to receive the best benefit from this class.


Handstand Basics

Ever wanted to know how performers balance on their hands for an entire act with ease? Let Kinetica introduce you to the secrets of great handstands. In this course you will learn the perfect technique that makes balancing on your hands easy, as well as progressive exercises to build strength specific to handstands to kickstart you on your way to learning advanced balance skills.



Handstand Intermediates

Continuing on from Beginner Handstands, in this course you will build on your handstand technique and strength and learn some new tricks to build up to handstand skills like press to handstand and handstand walking. You need to have completed at least one term of Beginner Handstands into enrol in this course. $160

Act-Belong-Commit Aerial Conditioning

Do you want to improve your endurance for aerial and pole routines? Do you want to gain strength to learn all those tricky aerial and pole skills? This strength class incorporates challenging exercises to build your strength and fitness with functional exercises to help you to “level up” in your pole and aerial routines. Improve your strength for grip, knee or leg hangs, chin ups, climbing, pull overs and more! Exercises are adapted to suit your level from beginner to Jedi! 



Act-Belong-Commit Adult Aerials (Beginners)

This is the class for people who want to dip their toes into the world of aerials! Learn basic aerial technique, gain som new strength and flexibility and develop some basic tricks and sequences across a range of apparatus including aerial hoop, silks, trapeze. Participants will learn sequences on each apparatus with progression towards learning basic routines.



Act-Belong-Commit Adult Aerials (Intermediate)

This intermediate level class is a progression from Beginner Adult Aerials. Participants work towards dynamic skills on trapeze and hammock, a spinning routine on lyra and basic drops on aerial silks. You must pass an Intermediate strength and skills test to be able to book into this class - please contact Kinetica for more details.



Kinetica is now offering a class to accelerate your learning on this elegant and ever-popular aerial apparatus! Kinetica’s Silks class (also known as Tissu) is focused on teaching correct aerial technique for climbs, wraps and drops with progressive sequences that help you to build aerial awareness and endurance in a safe environment. Perfect for fun, fitness and challenging your fears! This class is offered at 3 levels suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level participants.




A dedicated class for lovers of aerial hoop! In this class, you will learn Lyra tricks and sequences that will progress in length and complexity and will build into a simple Lyra routine. The class also incorporates specific drills for learning correct aerial technique and to build specific strength for more advanced skills. This class is offered at 3 levels suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level participants. 



Lyra Intensive

An extra long Lyra class for people who want to accelerate their learning on this popular apparatus. In this class you will progressively learn Lyra poses, balances, drops, spins and dynamic skills as well as sequences that each term will build into a short Lyra routine. You will also learn specific strengthening and stretching exercises that will help you take your performance to the next level and will help you acheve those dream skills.


Contortion Skills and Sequences

Create some flow in your flexibility training with Kinetica's Contortion Skills and Sequences. Learn correct technique for some common, and not so common, contortion skills and have some fun putting them together with expert instruction.
You must be comfortable with working splits and bridges to participate in this class


Performance Technique

Ever wanted to know how to get that special professional factor in your performances? Kinetica is sharing some of our performance training secrets in this new course, which will include a range of exercises designed to improve body tension, lines, endurance, musicality, flow and performance presence. Please note this is NOT a skills based class, we will be combining gymnastic, basic ballet and improvisation techniques along with choreography to facilitate your understanding of your own performance so that you can begin performing known skills with X factor. $180

Contortion Intensive

This is an extra long stretch and stability class for people who want to take their flexibility to the next level and beyond! Contortion Intensive teaches a diverse range of exercises to improve spinal mobility, muscle length and specific strength to help you safely and effectively reach contortion goals such as over splits, needle scales, middle splits, leg mounts, elbow bridges and chest stands. $260

Power Hour

A strength development class that focuses primarily on body weight exercises. Great for weight loss, muscle building and tone, strength and endurance. No experience required for this class and all skill levels / fitness levels are catered for. $140


This class is specifically designed for anyone (13+) who would like to learn new tricks. Whether you have some skills and want to revamp them or are starting from scratch, Kinetica can help you get there. From walkovers to aerials, handstands to flips, let's have some fun and get nimble!  $160


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Kinetica Adult Casual Classes

Causal rates for adults wishing to attend contortion intensive class: $35 per session.

Causal rates for adults wishing to attend an aerial or flexibility class: $30 per session.

Casual rates for adults wishing to attend a conditioning class: $25 per session.

Casual rates for adults wishing to attend a handstand or tumbling class: $25 per session.

All casual classes must be booked in advance via email or call/text Sarah on: 0409073750  

Kinetica Adult Open Training Sessions

Adult Open Training Sessions are available to trainees who are currently enrolled in a Kinetica class and deemed to have reached a level of competnecy by the relevant coach(es).

There are a few rules:
1. We ask that you only rehearse skills that have been taught to you by a qualified coach, rather than experiment on new skills as safety is very important to us.
2. The supervising coach will rig the aerials that you want to use, please let them know at the start of your session what you want to work on and they will arrange and rig the apparatus for you.
3. Please make sure you use crash mats for ALL aerials in these sessions.

Cost per session is $15 or you can buy a package of 10 Open Training sessions for $130.

Bookings are essential so please email us or call/text Sarah 0409073750 in advance and we ask that you indicate whether you will be working on aerials, ground or both so that we can ensure an appropriate maximum number of participants (particularly in aerials) and supervising coaches are established for your session.

Kinetica Adult Private Lessons

Kinetica coaches are available provide private or semi-private lessons on an apparatus / area of speciality of your choosing.

The rates for private lessons are as follows:

One-on-One Private Lesson: $80/hr
Two Person Semi Private Lesson: $50/hr per person
Three Person Semi Private Lesson:    $40/hr per person

There is a 5% discount for booking 5 sessions in advance or a 10% discount for booking 10 sessions in advance. 

Unlimited Circus Package


The Unlimited package is available to anyone who wants to be part of the most hardcore (and possibily craziest) group of all the Kinetica trainees.

With the Unlimited package you’ll be able to attend any (or ALL!!) of the Kinetica adult classes running during the term.

For $620 per term (or $310 if you wanted to pay monthly) you’ll be able to book into as many Kinetica classes as you like within that term.


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If you encounter any issues with booking online, please email us and we'll assist ASAP.